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Problems with collectors? Read these LAWYERS' sites

Problems with collectors? Read these LAWYERS' sites
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Since so many people are asking me for help with collections, here’s Lawrence Rubin’s excellent plain English FDCPA page:

A debtors’ rights primer - Lawrence S. Rubin (PA and NJ)

If you’re serious about suing:

Dan Edelman’s 2004 FDCPA cites and rulings (IL, mostly class action.)
So many readers request help with collections and I have absolutely no desire to provide personal assistance free of charge. I realize that most people don’t want to sue, but since I’m not an attorney, I can’t sue FOR you either. I can only document your claims or publicize your problem:

Glacier Financial re-ages Bally collections
It’s a lot of work to not only make the calls and write those faxes, but to post on the web and discuss each event and how to proceed with the client. And while they will often delete, there are collection outfits and especially attorneys who just don’t care and ONLY a lawsuit will get results.

Every collector has their own policy and it frequently changes, especially when they’re sued by class action attorneys or regulators. And of course STATE laws vary by state.
You’re quite likely to get horrible advice when you post at public forums. I speak from experience, I ran credit forums since 1996 or so and I really tried hard and often spent more than 10 hours on a particular problem—only to find out that I gave horrible advice based on lack of info or misrepresentations of the reporting by the poster.

I need to review the myFICO reports and I need my client to provide me with the FACTS about the account history, collection efforts and disputes. I’m too busy to waste my time giving bad advice and I’m very results oriented. If you are suing a creditor or collector, please check http://creditlitigation.org/

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