Friday, May 26, 2006

A Special Message From Western Capital's CEO Robert Paisola on Memorial Day 2006

A Special Memorial Day Message From Robert Paisola, CEO of Western Capital Financial Services 2006

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This Memorial Day, our thoughts and prayers are with those whose family members have died in service to our great nation. This day also reminds us that service to the nation, like the service of those departed, continues with today’s generation of Airmen defending freedom and fighting the global war on terrorism. We are reminded of the courageous sacrifices of hundreds of thousands of Americans.

“We’re reminded of the first official Memorial Day in 1868 when flowers were placed on the graves of Union and Confederate Soldiers at Arlington Cemetery.

“We’re reminded of the doughboys who died in the trenches and the Sailors who perished in the North Atlantic during World War I.

“We’re reminded of the Soldiers and Marines killed on the beaches of such places as Normandy and Iwo Jima during World War II. We especially honor them this year as we celebrate the 60th anniversary of the end of that war.

“We’re reminded of the pilots killed flying in MiG Alley and the Marines who died in the fight for the Chosin Reservoir during the Korean War.

“We’re reminded of the Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines who were killed in the air and in the jungles of Vietnam and the Victims of 9-11 in New York City.

“We’re reminded of those servicemembers killed liberating Kuwait during Operation Desert Storm.

“We’re reminded daily of the ultimate sacrifices of men and women spreading freedom and defeating terror in Iraq, Afghanistan and around the world.

“In many other places throughout our history, men and women from all services have sacrificed their lives for the noblest cause -- protecting and defending freedom.

“Shortly after he took office in April 1945, President Harry S. Truman, speaking of the fighting in Europe and the Pacific, said, ‘So that there can be no possible misunderstanding ... America will continue the fight for freedom until no vestige of resistance remains.’ We continue that fight for freedom today, carrying the legacy of all those who have gone before us and paid the ultimate price.

“To all our servicemembers who are serving our nation around the world, you and your families are truly among our nation’s greatest treasures -- we are honored to have you represent our country. We are also greatly humbled as we remember our now departed comrades-in-arms who gave everything they had so we could enjoy the freedom and democracy we cherish today. May God bless you and your service to this nation, and may God continue to bless America.”

With Gratitude and Respect

Robert Paisola
Chief Executive Officer
The Western Capital Financial Family of Companies

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