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Avoiding "Moral Bankruptcy" as a Debt Collector

A Public Message to Our Friends and Readers Throughout the World:

June 06, 2006 Via BusinessWire.Com

My name is Robert Paisola and I am the Chief Executive Officer of the Debt Collection and Collector Training Service Company; Western Capital Financial Services, Inc. We now have offices in Salt Lake City, Los Angeles, New York City, Miami and Geneva Switzerland.

Throughout our long history, Western Capital has been an industry leader in the Debt Collection and Portfolio Recovery Business since its inception. We have worked with some of the World's Leading Financial Service Organizations, including Bank of America, Chase Bank, BanaMex, Household International, Innova Capital, American Express, Centurion Bank, The Franklin Templeton Group, Midland Marine Bank and the Former Bank One, to name a few.

Since that first day we started Western Capital in 1992, when we began our small home based business; based in a small basement apartment near the Brigham Young University Campus, in Provo, Utah, we have been able to prove ourselves as THE COMPANY that can collect ANY amount for ANY company that was having problems with it's outstanding receivables and bad debt.

When we first got started, the process was fairly simple. A business had a problem collecting a debt; we would be retained to send letters and make calls to ensure that the client was made whole on the outstanding account. We would collect the money and get a percentage of what we collected.

Pretty Easy Task eh?

In 1997, we created an in-house program of training that introduced what we considered at the time to be a new concept in the Consumer Debt Collection Industry. This concept was based upon the simple fact that People always pay their friends, not their enemies. I even wrote a book on this subject, called The Art of of Getting Paid.

What began as a simple inner company training process escalated into our company, Western Capital, being known as "the guys in Utah that are NICE, but CAN COLLECT!

With this "soft sell" reputation growing throughout the credit and collections communities, I personally began to receive requests to "visit" other debt collection companies to give a simple one hour speech, to "see if I could teach their collectors how to "soften up a bit" while still making money for the companies I spoke with.

And guess what.... The Debt Collection Teams that I taught and worked with ACTUALLY MADE MORE MONEY FOR THE COMPANIES THAT BROUGHT ME IN!

One company actually brought in One Million Dollars MORE that very same month that I trained their collectors.

The CEO’s, trainers, and Management Teams were astounded....How could this be possible?

This is the question that we began to hear over and over as we gained more and more clients throughout the world.Our answer was always the same, just watch and see!

You need to understand, I have never met a person that decided in high school that they wanted to be a debt collector. I have never seen a person decide that they were going to make their millions in the debt collection business PRIOR TO BEING IN THE BUSINESS. It just does not happen!

Some how, people end up in this business because they like the thrill of the challenge, the thrill of the kill, and the thrill of simply "being the man" (or woman!).Many debt collectors receive a sense of artificial power that they have never experienced in real life, as they learn how to make demands of people over the phone (Much like an actor on a stage) and all of a sudden, they start to see their own financial situation begin to progress and change.

This power that I am talking about is the POWER OF COMMUNICATION. This is the power that we all have as individuals inside ourselves to enroll others into our personal vision of what we simply desire in life. When we are in Collector Mode, we attempt through our use of Communication Skills to SELL the person on the other end of the phone to send us money!

The problem that we began to see was that the power that I am speaking of MUST BE USED IN A MORAL WAY.You see, there is nothing wrong with being in the Debt Collection Business.There is nothing wrong with being a Debt Collector.There is nothing wrong or immoral of being a high dollar Debt Purchaser.It is just that YOU MUST BE MORAL ABOUT HOW YOU CHOOSE TO USE THE POWER THAT YOU HAVE BEEN GIVEN TO COLLECT THESE ACCOUNTS.

Since we first started out in Utah, things have drastically changed in the Credit and Debt Collection Business, and in our opinion at Western Capital, things are continuing to spiral out of control.Daily we watch news stories of how Debtors are being humiliated and dehumanized by a debt collection system that revolves around DVD Account Placements, Nationwide Address Scrubs, Automated Skip Tracing and Auto Dial Systems that dial for dollars 24 hours a day.Collectors have been conditioned and trained to "Get the Cash" no matter the cost.

And they are rewarded handsomely. A good collector in our offices can easily make 100-200 Thousand Dollars per year! That is a lot of money, no matter where you live!I do not agree in this new attitude of "Do what it takes" and "Settle with the small percentage of people who complain or sue" and we at Western Capital will not participate in this criminal scheme of destroying other human beings in order to make money. It is just not Right. It is what we call "Moral Bankruptcy"

Last year, we as an organization, under my direction and order made the decision to STOP what we were doing and QUIT COLLECTING ON CONSUMER ACCOUNTS.

That means that we stopped collecting Credit Card Portfolios, Back Rent Agreements, and Bad Checks. Child Support Claims and the list go on.We simply decided that we were not willing to sell our souls for money. We then spent three weeks in all of our offices and returned over 750 MILLION DOLLARS in accounts to our clients and said THANKS, BUT NO THANKS.

That was not an easy decision to make, but my Executive Management Team knew this was the only right thing to do.... so that is exactly what we did.So now what?Well, we quickly learned that there was a lot more MORALLY POSITIVE profitability and the process was much easier and less personally damaging in collecting for medium and large corporations in the United States, Canada and Europe. So, we decided to focus on the Business to Business Debt Collection Market and Corporate Training Arenas.I do not--- for even one second- have had second thoughts of walking away from three quarter billion dollars.

It was simply the RIGHT THING TO DO.Now that you know where we have come from, it is probably much easier to see why we as a Debt Collection Company spend time profiling these companies who do not seem to "get it".We know that the debt collection landscape is littered with the fallout of dead bodies who STILL TO THIS DAY choose to keep the "whatever it takes" philosophy alive, as they continue to illegally collect on artificial, undocumented and inflated debts. To these companies and their employees........ BE CAREFUL.

One thing that I can promise you as the Chief Executive Officer of Western Capital is that we will continue to use our power in this industry to create change around the world in the debt collection and credit markets... one training at a time.

My friends, Debt Collectors and their Senior Management Teams are now under a high powered magnifying glass, and the industry must learn to self regulate or Congress will do it for us.In the upcoming months, you will see that I will continue to reach to the national media to hold those companies accountable who continue to choose to victimize our fellow citizens.I will publicly hold the CEO's of these MORALLY BANKRUPT ORGANIZATIONS ACCOUNTABLE to YOU.

I will utilize our professional relationships with organizations such as and and members of Congress to ensure that our vision is made public.

I will continue to use this site and our partner sites as a worldwide forum to ensure that justice is done and that the DEBTORS that we work with on a daily basis are no longer being abused, gouged and humiliated by agencies that consistently cross the line.In conclusion, let me say that I am very proud my people at Western Capital that we currently have in place.

Our acquisition strategy is moving full speed ahead, and we are gaining worldwide notoriety as we as a company continue to simply take a stand for what is right in this world. And guess what happens...We still make money!

What a novel concept!

I personally, have chosen to dedicate my time to training as many debt collectors around the world as I can handle. You would not believe how the investment in PROPERLY TRAINING YOUR COLLECTION TEAMS can pay off over 100-1 in one short week! That is better odds than Las Vegas!

So if you are in the business of credit and/or collections, take a moment and spend some time on this website. Show this site to your CEO. Watch the Media Clips of our worldwide news coverage and then visit and you will see why it just makes pure financial AND LEGAL SENSE to have Western Capital train your collectors!

The bottom line is that we are here to stay and if you are a corporate attorney thinking about finding a way to put a gag over our mouth, we would ask you to reconsider this thought.

Always Remember, We Know What You Know, and who better to fight a Morally Bankrupt Company like the ones we feature on this site, than another Debt Collection Company? Not to mention a company like Western Capital that has the eyes and ears of the world's media at its feet.

Enough Said.

With Deepest Regards,

Robert R. Paisola
Chief Executive Officer and President
The Western Capital Family of Companies

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