Saturday, August 05, 2006

Doing A Professional Photo Shoot for Forbes Magazine, by Robert Paisola

Hello My Friends,

Wow, and I used to believe that models had the EASY LIFE! No Way!

When I was in Los Angeles, I met a lot of great people. It was a great event, and I truly believe that there are no mistakes in life.

I was contacted by a reporter for Forbes Magazine and they said that they were going to write an article on me, and the while I was in Los Angeles, that I should come over for a photo session..... Lets just say, this was not your typical mall shots!

So, naturally I agreed to fit it into my schedule and we went to a studio lot near Paramount Studios in Hollywood, California. We spent six hours with lighting people, reporters, and media. The cameramen were just like you see in the movies... and I mean exact! So, I wanted to post some of the photos for you to see. I have no idea what will appear in the magazine, but here is a small sample of the photos that they took in Hollywood!

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