Sunday, October 14, 2007

Small Business Confidence Drops in Third Quarter 2007, Posted By Robert Paisola

Small Business Confidence Drops in 3Q

Bad new from the small business home front. According to the briefing from SMB Finance magazine (Co sponsored by www, and Western Capital Performance Matrix), the Small Business Confidence Index slipped three points during the third quarter of this year. The major areas of the country that saw the largest declines were the Midwest, Northeast, and South regions. Details regarding the regions are:

The greatest loss of confidence was among businesses in the southern states where the confidence index dropped to 44 from the 50 recorded during the second quarter.

Small businesses in the western states, where the SBCI reached 47.66, were the only ones who reported improved business prospects from the previous quarter.

Businesses in the Northeast with an SBCI of 42.33 and the Midwest with an SBCI of 39.66 both were both below the national average of 43.

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