Saturday, November 24, 2007

Saturday November 24, Update on MS Explorer Disaster

Robert Paisola Interviewed bt CBS News on the GapTours.Com Adventure from Hell by CBS National- Live Video Posted

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The Western Capital Foundation

Hello to all of our friends around the world:

The past 24 hours have been a very difficult time for our family as we have been trying to digest exactly what happened as the Cruise Ship, The MS Explorer fell into the ocean.

We have been dealing with Kings and Chancellors and members of Congress around the world, as we have been aiming to get the real facts for our readers and most importantly, my family.

As of this moment, we know the following information that was secured by the US Miliary Base in San Diego, California, Naval Air Station, as a courtesy to our family:

-Lisa Paisola and Kay Van Horne HAVE arrived at King George Island.

-They arrived at approximately midnight local time.

-The comments that we received were that the members and staff of the passing rescue Cruise Ship, NordNorge, were EXTREMELY accommodating.

-The passengers were given a change of clothes and their old ones were washed by the crew of the Nord Norge.

-There were regular ROLL CALLS by the staff of the MS EXPLORER to ensure that every member on the passenger manifest was accounted for.

-There was approximately a four hour delay, wherein the passengers waited on the Explorer, while the ships Engineers tried to resolve the problem. They reviewed the problem and found that the water leak could never be fixed.

-Finally, the captain announced that everybody would evacuate ship.

-No Items of personal clothing, money or passports were permitted. Just the clothes on your back.

-The process of being lowered into the water onto the pontoon boats was a very cold experience, as water was flowing from the cold seas everywhere.

-The crew and staff of the MS Explorer passed out orange protective suits and life jackets to all of the passengers, as they waited for approximately four and one half hours for help to arrive.

-The passengers saw US military helicopters that had been dispatched from an American Fleet, and that sighting immediately calmed the distressed passengers down.

-In order to pass time the passengers simply imagined that they were on a whale watching expedition. They saw lots of penguins! After all...this was an adventure tour!

-We were told that there was a Danish couple who decided to get engaged while on the lifeboat. What better place, and what a story! Oh, and the couple stated that they were going someplace SUNNY for their honeymoon.

-Finally the cruise ship responded, cutting like a razor through the sheets of ice to the rescue. The Chancelor of Norway had come through, just like he promised for our family and friends. The Nordnorge had arrived.

-Information about the condition of the ship was not kept from the passengers. Information flowed freely. The passengers were able to listen to the captain of the ship talk on his radio, so they knew how long it would be until the ship arrived.

-We have been told that ALL passengers have been evaluated by Chiliean Medical Staff at the landing point in Urguay, and that all passengers were in good health...but cold.

-The landing point was the Uruguayan and Chilean Military Bases on King George Island in Antarctica.

-The Chancelor of Norway has just confirmed that there are two military planes enroute to pick up the American Refugees, to take them to the Southernmost Point of Chile, where the American Government will bring all passengers home to the United States including my sister Lisa Paisola and my aunt, Kay Van Horne.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you, to the American Public for your support, and thank you to all those involved in this movie like TITANIC rescue!


Robert Paisola


The Western Capital Foundation

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