Friday, November 23, 2007

Sinking Cruise Ship,MS EXPLPRER, Reports All Passengers Evacuated

For Immediate Release Salt Lake City, Utah Robert Paisola 801-671-7843

Robert Paisola, The CEO of US Based Western Capital, has contacted
members of the US Military based in San Diego, California and has confirmed that the Currently Sinking Ship, the MS EXPLORER, "almost capsized"

The sister and Aunt of Mr. Paisola. Lisa Paisola and Kay Van Horne are among the passengers from the United States.

"We received a call in the middle of the night from stating that the ship was going down, said Patti Paisola, the mother of American, Lisa Paisola, from Salt Lake City, Utah.

Mr. Robert Paisola made an attempt to talk to the CEO of the tour company. Mr. Bruce Poon Tip, and was passed to his liaison Tony Cook, who assured the Utah Family that all 154 passengers and crew had been evacuated "Without a scratch".

"As of 8:26 AM MST the passengers, including Americans Kay Van Horne, of Denver, Colorado and Lisa Paisola. of Salt Lake City, Utah are enroute to King George Island according to our sources within the US Coast Guard". said Mr. Paisola

The members of the US Coast Guard based in San Diego, California are investigating at this point.

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