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The Today Show on NBC to Feature Lisa Paisola from MS Explorer Disaster, Posted By Robert Paisola

November 27, 2007 11:59PM MST
Robert Paisola
Copyright 2007, Robert Paisola

To all of our Friends, Family and Media around the World,

Today we announced that we had received informatation that Lisa Paisola, my sister and passenger of the MS Explorer Cruise Ship was arriving home.

Right now it is 11:16 PM in Salt Lake City, Utah and this is the first time that I have to update you on todays events.

Lisa arrived at the Salt Lake City, Utah International Airport today from Dallas Texas. She was greeted by reporters from all over the nation. Here are a few of the photos that we are able to post at this time. NBC will post many more, including LIVE VIDEO from the bridge of the Captains Deck minutes prior to the disaster and the entire evacuation process that was documented. No other person in the world has this kind of video.

We are very happy to announce that Lisa will be the featured guest on THE TODAY SHOW based in the United States with Ann Curry, tomorrow morning at 5:30 AM MST.

The Television Producers and equipment needed to Produce this Live Remote are enroute from Denver, Colorado and will be here at my home in 2 hours!

The local NBC Affiliate, KSL has received two, two gig memory chips containing exclusive photos and incredible video.

The NBC Network Deal took almost 7 hours to complete and the Local Producer Shelly Osterloh in conjunction with the New York Staff of NBC made it all happen.

We as a family are releived that this ordeal is almost over, and you can look forward to seeing our entire family on Dateline in January, 2008, Live from New York City.

To the reporters that we were not able to accomodate, we are committed to work with you and will continue to update this blog on a very regular basis.

Photos will be edited and produced by NBC and will be avaliable on the International NBC and MSNBC Web Sites.

Again, we wish you the best, and will continue to provide links from around the world to document how this has unfolded.

The Circus begins again in 3 hours at 3:00 AM with the Live NBC Remote from New York.

Many more photos will be posted tomorrow.

From our Hearts to Yours.

Robert Paisola
The Western Capital Foundation
Copyright 2007, Robert Paisola, All Rights Reserved

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