Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Over 700,000 People Logon to this Site During The Larry King Show on CNN With Lisa Paisola, Posted by Robert Paisola

Click Here to Watch CNN's Larry King Show with MS Explorer Survivor Lisa Paisola

Tuesday December 18, 2008
Robert Paisola
For Immediate Release 10:05 MST

We want to thank the world audience as you tuned in to watch Lisa Paisola on the Larry King Show on CNN tonight.

We are receiving hundreds of emails requesting interviews of Lisa. If you are with an International or National Television Station, Newspaper, or News magazine, please contact:

Robert Paisola
Western Capital
at 801-619-4700
or via email at media@corbismultimedia.com

As the video makes it's way around the different world time zones, we will be providing the full interview in High Definition interview for your review.

If you are a member of the media and want any information on Photo Licensing or Digital Rights and Publication or Broadcast Rights to the Media that Lisa Paisola prepared for the world, simply contact our rights management agent in Australia and you will be assisted immediately. Markson Sparks is the media liaison to to the world when it comes to video and photo footage rights:

Max Markson
Markson Sparks!
The Clock Tower,
Redfern Post Office,1st Floor,
113, Redfern St.
Redfern, NSW,Australia 2016
Mobile 0412 501 601

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