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Lisa Paisola endowed as Good Will Ambasador to "Mothers Without Borders Foundation", by Robert Paisola

January 10, 2008
Robert Paisola, Los Angeles California

To our friends around the world:

We are wanting to take a moment to thank you for all of the support that you have provided for Lisa Paisola and her family during the past few weeks, since she was safely returned from the freezing waters of the Antarctic Ocean.

Lisa recently was CHOSEN TO BE a Goodwill Ambassador for The Worldwide Charity Mothers Without Borders located at

"I am so honored that I have been given the opportunity to assist those in other countries that have gone through so much more than WE CAN EVEN COMPREHEND, It is truly inspiring how this organization changes so many lives" said Paisola.

Paisola is the perfect ambassador for MOTHERSWITHOUTBORDERS.ORG, as, she has an innate ability to connect with children around the world. Many of her travels have taken her to the depths of poverty ridden countries, she has always done what she could on her own, but now Lisa Paisola said "I am very excited to have this organization behind me in my efforts to bring light to the needs of these seriously impoverished countries. "I know what we need to do, it is just a matter of getting it done!" she said. She concluded by saying that "Each one of us have the ability to create change to those that are devastated by poverty and orphaned by AIDS"

As more and more HIV-infected parents die, the burden of caring for millions of orphans will fall upon countries already stretched to the breaking point.

Once children lose their parents, many of them are forced to leave school to support themselves and their siblings. Some turn to crime. Others are forced into prostitution. Without the loving guidance of an adult, these children easily fall victim to disease, starvation and the elements.

Thousands of children end up on the streets of major cities, sleeping on the hard, cold ground and digging in trashcans or begging for food.

When asked what is the hardest part about living alone, a thirteen-year-old boy living on the streets in Zambia, told us, "I don't have anyone to love me or protect me or help me. I am always alone."

The purpose at Mothers Without Borders is to address the needs of orphaned and abandoned children in a holistic manner. We support efforts to provide safe shelter, food and clean water, education and access to caring adults. They want to assure that each child has someone who cares about them to teach them of their value.

Lisa Paisola is a survivor of the MS Explorer Disaster that took place in November 2008. Lisa Paisola can be contacted at

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