Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Salon of Italy in Salt Lake City Utah, An Essential Part of the Team, Brooke Tells her Secrets! Posted by Robert Paisola

"We proudly use Pureology, Sexy Hair, Matrix, and American Crew. Redken Is our color line, an award winner for it's products. Murad is our skin care line and we are proud to have their research and development behind our products and training. The esthetic staff has training from Murad and can help you address a skin care issue and plan a program." said Brooke, the Hair Designer from Salt Lake City that was Chosen by NBC to create the beautiful look that was seen all over the world, as Lisa Paisola attended interview after interview, all over the world.

"I am so excited that we were chosen, said Brooke" the senior stylist and artist who designed Lisa's Hairstyle, The Salon of Italy is truly on the cutting edge, and we are honored that NBC Television and Lisa Paisola would choose our salon. ' We know that NBC was pushing designers from New York and Beverly Hills, however, we just knew what Lisa Wanted" said Brooke.

And that is exactly what Lisa got, so as the cameras rolled, and as the soundmen and camera crews that had flown in to Salt Lake City, Utah to cover the story of the MS Explorer listened to the remote control rooms in New York City and Los Angeles, we heard the magic words "Wow, she looks amazing"

"That is when we knew that Lisa Paisola's decision to choose Brooke and The Salon of Italy over every other stylist in the nation was the right move" and the NBC Executive Team even went a step further, creating a special campaign based on Lisa's appearance on the TODAY SHOW WITH ANN CURRY called "Why I love today" and this is shown on the International NBC networks every day...."Something must be working" said Lisa! Thanks Brooke and the Salon of Italy for your dedication and desire to go "above and beyond"

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