Friday, April 21, 2006

Western Capital Receives Demand Call from Attorney Peter Hoppenfeld to Take Down Photos!

UPDATE 4-21-2006

Today we received a phone call from a Seminar Attorney in Rye, New York, named PETER HOPPENFELD who claimed that he represented the TRUMP INSTITUTE. He was complaining that we were posting pictures on this web site with the TRUMP INSTITUTE'S SACRED BANNERS. We want all of our readers to understand that we will be covering this and future demands in our news section and on our corporate blog play by play. We have consulted with our friends at the ELECTRONIC FRONTIER FOUNDATION and we have received legal recommendations that we DO NOT pull down photos that were taken in a HOTEL BALLROOM in a PUBLIC VENUE. Due to the extreme nature of the initial conversation with Peter Hoppenfeld, We are expecting a barrage of demand letters and even potential litigation on this issue, however we will do what it takes to protect the rights of the public to have their photo taken in a Public Venue. We will bring you continuing coverage of Hoppenfeld's demands, who he is, his dealings with other companies and more information that you will ever want to know on him and his associates! Our friends, We at Western Capital welcome you to the world of the new internet. No longer do YOU have to be subject to intimidation and terroristic tactics imposed against you or your organization by random people who make a living by threatening to sue everyone for ridiculous reasons. We have a SPECIAL PROGRAM TO DEAL WITH PEOPLE LIKE THIS. Oh, and by the way, We want all of our readers and clients and the media to know that Western Capital in in NO WAY affiliated, or endorse ANYTHING correlated with this company called the TRUMP INSTITUTE or Mr. Hoppenfeld's Company, The Business Strategies Group LLC. We DO, However, HIGHLY RECOMMEND DONALD TRUMP'S TRUMP UNIVERSITY and it's incredible management team lead by Mr, Michael Sexton. TRUMP UNIVERSITY IS A CLASS ACT! Watch this site, as well as our corporate partner sites at and for all further details on this issue. And remember YOUR ABILITY TO RECEIVE FAIR AND ACCURATE INFORMATION IS AT STAKE HERE.


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