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See Update Dated 5-23-2006 Below:
Western Capital's CEO Robert Paisola visits Honolulu, Hawaii, To Hold UNIFUND Accountable and Holds National Press Conference

UPDATE MAY 23, 2006 Below!

Dateline: Honolulu, Hawaii, May 19, 2006


The reaction was absolutely astounding.

With all of the news media coverage surrounding the
Allied Interstate, Intellirisk, and LDG Financial Investigations, you would think that these companies would get a clue and realize that YOU, the consumer is no longer going to sit back and take the abuse that has been dished out, ounce by ounce by Debt Collection Companies across America that violate the law in order to do "Whatever It Takes" To Get you to pay.

What started as a simple issue between a Company in OHIO, Called
UNIFUND and a debtor (Now a Client) named KEVIN KIM, has created a media frenzy after all of the documents were released last week on our web site. See
The CEO of Western Capital, Robert Paisola was asked to come to Hawaii to assist Mr. Kim in his quest for justice.

Here is a brief synopsis of what happened.

Mr. Kim opened a Credit Card With
Citibank in 1996. He fell on some bad times and made numerous agreements with Citibank to make monthly payments on his account.

He continued to do so for many years, and then all of a sudden, he made a call to Citibank and they said that the account had been sold, but they had no clue who bought the account.

Mr. Kim continued to make his payments as agreed and all of a sudden, he was contacted by a law firm in Honolulu, Hawaii named
Marvin SC Dang, Lila Barbara Kanae and Jason M. Oliver.

All of these attorneys were named on the lawsuit against him:

See Document One
See Document Two
See Document Three

So after talking to Kevin via Email and on the Phone, he decided to have Robert Paisola visit him personally in Hawaii.

During the meeting between Mr. Kim and Mr. Paisola is became apparent through all of Kevin's hard work that the company that the attorneys were filing for WAS NOT EVEN REGISTERED IN THE STATE OF HAWAII AT THE TIME OF THE FILING.

We began to assemble the mass amount of data that kevin has collected and it is very clear that UNIFUND is going to be the target of a class action lawsuit by consumers throughout the nation due to their illegal collection practices.

We called the offices of Mr. Dang and asked for a statement and NOT ONE SINGLE ATTORNEY IN THE OFFICE REPLIED!

We then called UNIFUND, and spoke to someone who said that they would have the lawfirm call and they never bothered to call Mr. Paisola.

Therefore, we will be posting each and every piece of evidence on this site as well as our associate site The Rip Off Report at and YOU can judge for yourself.

Mr. Kim will never pay one dime on this claim, as a matter of fact, it looks like the UNIFUND Organization and their attorney's will be paying HIM over $30,000.00 for FDCPA Violations.

All because Kevin Kim Had the guts to stand for what is right and hold this national company to the fire.

There will be another press briefing on this matter in one month and updates will be processed on this site, as well as the Western Capital Blog at

Just as this article was being concluded for publishing, we received the following
letter from Mr. Kim! GOD HELP UNIFUND!

Dear Mr. Paisola,

I got the UNIFUNDS's request for summary judgment denied!! The judge quoted Discovery Bank vs Owens Now we go to trial... I feel I can win against Unifund and their high price lawyers but... I want to know if you or any of your readers know of any instances (proof) that Unifund have used fake or altered documents?

I would like to have any legal cases I can cite to or a certified or notarized copy of any statement to support the fact that Unifund has used forged, fake or altered media in a collection case. If you can fwd my request to anyone that was directly affected by Unifund and can show proof, that would help too.

The media they showed and submitted in court for the summary looks suspect, because the judge's decision came fast (within 3 min) I didn't have the chance to dispute Unifund's evidence (to have it tossed out for the trial)

Just because I believe their evidence is fake... I need to back up my claim. I hope any support out there will help.

Thank you, And See You Again In A Few Weeks!

Kevin Kim

Great Job Kevin! The Court is on Your Side and FAKE DOCUMENTS will NOT BE TOLERATED in COURT! WOW!

UPDATE MAY 23, 2006

We just received a call from Mr. Kevin Kim today stating that he called the court today in order to get further information on his counterclaim that he is preparing against UNIFUND and he was told by the court clerk that

" James Dixion filed for dismissal without prejudice"!

That XXXXX didnt even call.... I'm going down there to file motion to set aside dismissal until the judge hears my case.

You can call them.. its 3 pm.

Marvin Dang has been calling and I do not give a XXXX what they file. We are going to protect the citizens in Hawaii who have been abused by this law firm(dont publish number) 808-521-XXXX .

I have been contacted by the media and an Associated Press Reporter Called Me today. I have also been getting calls from other people in the same situation as I am in, and the other attorney we talked to today said that this will become a class action lawsuit.

These guys are ruthless, and to think that they can simply file a motion to dismiss, is complete and utter craziness. My family has committed to back me on this case, as well as many influential members of the government here in Hawaii.

Robert Paisola, I want to nail these guys, and unless you work out some kind of deal that protects my fellow islanders, I will not stop on this.

Your ticket for the press conference is booked and paid for and I even got a call from CNN here in Hawaii because of your site.

I am going to the court to file a motion to oppose the dismissal and am going to request that this be moved to FEDERAL COURT where we are going to really have fun with these guys.

Robert Paisola, you are a lifesaver, and you and your company are doing a great service to the American Public.

I will email you the notice of opposition and email you privately about the media issues.

Thanks Again
Kevin Kim

here is my motion for opposition that the judge read and denied Dixion his summary... See

All media inquiries should be addressed to and all readers should visit for more information.

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